Chris Vranos


Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a software developer, game developer, animation generalist, and VFX supervisor.

Hop's Journey

Here's a mobile game I made and released recently. I did everything myself, except I hired an illustrator to do my concept art for the character, and to do backgrounds.
Also, check out this article on how the game was made:

To see some actual gameplay, download the game from the Google Play store, or take a look here:

You can also play right in your browser, but this is not a browser game. The controls are tough with a mouse as opposed to touch controls, and I've done no QC for web. Play it on Android if you can. 

Paint & Stick

I'm the original creator, and current product Manager of Paint & Stick. I also hold the patent for it's sticking process. People often ask if I programmed it, I did not. I wrote all of the algorithms and hired programmers to put it together. I've been managing it's development for the last 4 years.
I also have done dozens of tutorials for the product.