Chris Vranos

Composite Brush

This is my first completely independent Plug-in. I patented this algorithm back in 2011, but sorta trailed off into Paint & Stick for a few years when given the opportunity to work with aescripts + aeplugins as a Product Manager on Paint & Stick. After I felt my job was mostly done on Paint & Stick, I hired my own team to build Composite Brush. You can get it exclusively at

Paint & Stick

I'm the current product Manager of Paint & Stick, and also hold the patent for its sticking process. I managed a team of developers in cooperation with I created/produced all of the video content for the product, including the advertising, tutorials, web pages, articles, etc... I designed the entire user experience for the product, however I did not program it. I've been managing it's development for the last 4 years.
I also have done dozens of tutorials for the product.