Chris Vranos

So many reels...

I'm a very broadly capable generalist, and can handle the entire pipeline for 2D, 3D, and compositing. I work best at studios with many different types of work floating in. I am not a designer, I always have style frames created for me. While I assure you I can handle 99% of any VFX or animation needs you could throw at me, I specialize at nothing. In some areas, such as cel animation, 3D lighting, or facial rigging, I could get it done, but would be glad to delegate those tasks to more specialized artists when they're available. I'm often hired to manage projects and other artists because of my wide variety of experience, and my ability to delegate tasks efficiently. I'm usually the person in charge of workflow, and keeping the editor and producer up to date. I also act as an on set VFX supervisor fairly often.

Generalist Reel 2018

Compositing & Cleanup Reel 2018

Rigging Reel (~2014)

1)  Another artist modeled this character. I was responsible for everything else in this section.

2) I took an existing rig, and made the mouth dynamically react to the toothbrush using nCloth. The tutorial to show exactly how I did it is here if you're interested.

3)  I modeled and rigged the plant monster characters. I was also the TD on set, and handled all of the tracking and roto in post.

4) Everything. Modeled using a Patton tank toy model as a reference. The toy model was small enough that I placed it on a home printer and scanner to create orthographic views.

5)  Rigging, animation, rendering.

6)  Everything except modeling, animation, and 2D effects.